Step 3: Decorate your Gingerbread Horse Biscuits

This is where the fun really begins - there are so many possibilities when it comes to decorating your Gingerbread Horse biscuits! Your Baking Pack contains a decoration card which details some creative ways to decorate your horses, using Jo Seagar's Piping Icing.

To help with the decorating, create a piping bag (click here to watch a video on making a piping bag using baking paper). Or buy a piping gun or similar product - these are readily available from all good department stores.

  • Click here to view a series of fun video clips showing the different ways you can decorate Gingerbread Horses.

  • Click here to watch a video of Melanie Kerr as she bakes and decorates a batch of yummy Gingerbread Horse biscuits!

  • For more inspiration, check out our Gallery of decorated Gingerbread Horse biscuits.

Packaging your biscuits for sale

Once your horses have been decorated, they'll need to be packaged and made ready for sale. Your Baking Pack has clear bags which include a sealable section on one end, along with insert cards which detail the ingredients used in the biscuits.

For each biscuit, simply put the insert card and the biscuit inside the bag, fold the top of the bag overand seal - it's as simple as that!

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