The Gingerbread Horse campaign is a community-led fundraising campaign in support of New Zealand Riding for the Disabled and sponsored by Mauri anz, which asks people to register as a Gingerbread Baker, bake and decorate tasty Gingerbread Horse biscuits, then sell your biscuits to friends, family, workmates and the public during Campaign Week before donating the proceeds to NZRDA.

It's so easy to become a Gingerbread Horse Baker - just register for free from 16th June 2015 and you'll receive a special baking pack which includes a horse-shaped cookie cutter, a recipe and decoration card, bags and inserts for wrapping up your Gingerbread Horse creations, advertising posters to sell your biscuits, and lots more. Check out our gallery of Bakers and their biscuits from the 2014 Campaign.

You'll also go into the draw to win some exciting prizes, as well as have your baking efforts acknowledged on our Wall of Fame and certificates. It's a fun and exciting campaign and it's all for a good cause... so sign up today as a Gingerbread Horse Baker and help 'bake a difference' for RDA!

How it works:

The Gingerbread Horse campaign is all about individuals, business and schools in the community registering as Bakers, then baking and decorating Gingerbread Horse biscuits using the items provided in their Baking Pack. Then, from the week of 27th July, we'll ask all Bakers to sell their tasty biscuits to friends, family, workmates and the general public.

The funds raised from these sales are then banked with NZRDA and distributed to the nominated RDA Groups. Bakers are given the option to be sent a certificate of thanks, as well as take part in exciting prize draws for 'Best Decorated Biscuit' and other categories.

Just follow these five steps to support RDA as a Gingerbread Horse Baker:

To become a Gingerbread Horse Baker for RDA, first you will need to register online as either an Individual Baker, Business Baker, School Baker, or a Returning Baker.

We'll send you a special Baker Pack, containing everything you need to start baking your Gingerbread Horse biscuits for NZRDA.
Leading up to Campaign Week (27th July), we'll ask you to bake at least one batch of tasty Gingerbread Horse biscuits using the special recipe and horse-shaped cookie cutter provided to you.
After your biscuits have been baked, you'll need to decorate them however you like; from dipping them in melted chocolate to icing them and adding sprinkles. This is your chance to get creative!

Once they're all decorated and looking great, use the provided bags, stickers and inserts to package the biscuits ready for sale.
Starting from the 27th July, we'll ask you to sell these biscuits to friends, family, workmates and the public for just $2 per biscuit.

To help we've included advertising posters in your Baking Pack, as well as hints and tips on how, where and when to sell your biscuits.
Once your Gingerbread Horse biscuits sales are all complete, we'll send you our bank accounts details so you can donate the proceeds of your sales to Riding for the Disabled.

After donations are finalised, we'll send you a certificate of thanks and will announce the winners of the prize draws.

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